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  • Mediocre at Best (is far from that).

    Posted on April 16, 2014 by Erik Engstrom

    Mediocre at Best: Eric Bahlman from Bobby Kanode on Vimeo.

    If you have yet to pick up the new 'Mediocre at Best' Dvd, then you are seriously missing out. Check out this section from Eric Bahlman, and then add the Dvd to your next order. You know what to do. Call your rep now.

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  • Quality You Can Rant About!

    Posted on April 16, 2014 by Josh Meadows

    Rant Goods

    Looking to keep your budget-conscious riders happy but don't want to miss out on the high end spec's? The crew at Rant has got you covered! Sealed wheels, 100% full chromoly bars and forks, fast grinding pegs, and heat treated cranks are just a few of the items in the awesome Rant lineup! This stuff is built to handle all the abuse of modern riding at an affordable price you can't beat! Check out the full range HERE and give your rep a call to make it happen!

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  • Southern Fried Goodness

    Posted on April 14, 2014 by Josh Meadows

    day in the life - Large from black dad on Vimeo.

    Longwood, Florida is a special place. While most big BMX scenes thrive in sprawling cities with an abundance of free parks, indoor parks and top notch street spots, Longwood runs on the support of all the locals. From legendary parks such as Mission and Mesh, Mr. Bikes and Boards shop and all the awesome riders here, Longwood has certainly left it's mark on the BMX map. Not to mention it's also Sparky's home base! If you want to get a tour of Longwood finest, Trey Jones has got you covered! Check out the local spots as well as Trey's Dew Tour training facility and while your at it, pick up some of Trey's signature Shadow Conspiracy parts right HERE! For more Longwood action, pop over to Instagram and give the @LongwoodBMX crew a follow!

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  • Rich Forne goes right for the scorpion's stinger in his new edit for Subrosa.

    Posted on April 11, 2014 by Erik Engstrom

    Rich Forne for Subrosa Brand, 2014'. Rich just built up a new Subrosa Villicus II bike. Check out the Villicus II and full range of new products from Subrosa, right here on this site.

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  • 48 Ways to Save Your Life

    Posted on April 10, 2014 by Josh Meadows

    Catch up with Burns and crew to get the low down on the new Bone Deth 48 spoke wheels that will be arriving at Sparkys in late June. These wheels are built to handle the heaviest street riding and have survived the Bone Deth patented "Torture Testing" for well over a year! Scared of the extra weight? Watch the video and let Burns show you just how much 12 extra spokes will add and what you can do to shed it from your ride! If you want to lock a set in give us a call today as these guys are sure to move quick!

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