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  • Party Shredsters!

    Posted on July 25, 2014 by Cole Delvecchio

    Check out the madness that went down at the latest Subrosa Park Party tour stop. This one has everything! drag racing, foot down, hot dogs, and some killer riding from the Subrosa team and local shredders. Huge thank to Johnny Rivet and Local BMX for helping for enabling these party animals.

    Word around Sparkys is that a new shipment of Subrosa goodies should be landing soon. Check out the new arrivals section and hit up your rep to get some brand new Subrosa goods in your shop.

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  • Jonesin'?

    Posted on July 24, 2014 by Josh Meadows


    Like a dose of some straight forward BMX goodness in your day? Than cruise over to the ESPN site and check out a bike check with Bongwoods own Trey Jones shot by our good friend Jeremy Pavia! Loaded with all his signature Shadow goodies including the 138 grips, Solus seat, the highly anticipated Killer cranks, and some classic Florida swamp rust. Want the low down on Shadows reintroduction in the chromoloy crank game? Pick up your phone and give your rep a shout today! Click HERE to check out the full run down on Trey's machine and while your at it, pick up some Crack Dad shirts straight from the man himself!!

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  • Eric Bahlman Bike Check on Transworld.

    Posted on July 24, 2014 by Erik Engstrom

    Eric Bahlman Bike Check

    Eric Bahlman has a bike check up on the Transworld site right now. His Volume Bike is all decked out in Shadow parts and looking fresh to fakie. Here is the link if you don't already know how to find the Transworld site...

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  • It's a Disaster!

    Posted on July 23, 2014 by Josh Meadows

    Wolf Brand - Matt Perkins Summer Wolf from TheVoid on Vimeo.

    Want to catch a peek of some of the real world product testing that goes on here in our neck of woods? Check out this new edit from our good friend and Disaster Squad rider Matt Perkins. The Disaster Squad was formed many years ago to put Sparkys products through the ringer and give the product development crew a first hand look at how they hold up to daily abuse. Along side with machine testing, computer testing and pro team testing, our products set a supreme standard of strength riders can put their trust in. Matt has played a part in testing products like the Subrosa Magnum Guard, Thunderbeast frame, Shadow's new DCR grip compound and much more! Word on the streets is he can found bashing a Interlock Supreme chain up and down the East Coast! Look out for more from the Disaster Squad soon!

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  • Simone Style!

    Posted on July 21, 2014 by Josh Meadows

    Simone Phone Case

    Want to be as stylish as Simone? Well we can't promise this phone case will give you that Italian steeze, but at least you can carry a little piece of Simone with you wherever you may roam thanks to Subrosa Brand!. With 2 models, one for the Galaxy S4 and one for the iPhone 5/5s your phone stays protected while Simone hits you with a downside whip on a set up in his hometown! Perfetto!

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